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To learn more about Harley, her work, and how she makes a difference in our lives, check out our features below.


Harley Has an App to Teach Kids About Food Allergies - May 3, 2023

Hero Golden Retriever Detection Dog Protects Owner with Severe Allergy by Sniffing Out Peanuts - February 2, 2023

Influential Women In Food Allergies - March 2023

Detective Harley, F.A.D.D., is Sniffing Out Peanuts and Educating on Allergies - March 16, 2023

Scent-Detection Golden Retriever Sniffs Out Peanuts to Protect Girl With Severe Allergy - February 6, 2023

Clever dog sniffs out peanuts for teenager with life-threatening allergy - February 6, 2023

Intrommune Therapeutics #PeanutAllergyStrong Campaign on National Dog Day - August 26, 2022

Red Sneakers for Oakley Guest Blog - April 7, 2022

Article by Dr. Catherine Quequet, Cathque @docallergies_alaloupe - French allergist and medical Journal Author - March 1, 2022 DogCenter - February 11, 2022 - Service Dog Episode, Viral Video of the Day

Julianne Ponan Blog - Spotlight of the Month, February 2022

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